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Thank you for visiting Diving Blues as you think about planning your next diving adventure in Curaçao. Diving Blues is a SMALL and FRIENDLY business, created and run by Tony and Mariska, an English/Dutch instructor team. Offering high quality SCUBA training to UNCERTIFIED and already CERTIFIED divers.

Our main aims are to ensure you get the right start with the highest level of diver training, become a highly SKILLED and SAFE thinking diver that respects the unique underwater environment.

Whether you’re new to scuba diving or you already dive, we believe that the only way to achieve a true level of personal comfort and enjoyment underwater is to have both knowledge development (facts, principles, concepts) and motor procedures (skills, techniques, methods). 

Following this simple and effective philosophy we focus on three areas that are essential to all divers, EQUIPMENT, EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE.

We enjoy diving simply and safe. We dive with and teach likeminded people to do the same. 

All are welcome who want to experience the most important thing in diving, FUN!

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