“I had an incident on a dive that has knocked my confidence”

People sometimes just have a scare in the water and need to build up their confidence again. We'll use techniques that build confidence in the water to rekindle your love of diving.


We know divers often feel anxious during a particular stage of a dive. Scuba coaching provides an environment (for already certified divers) where specific issues or skills can be addressed at a pace to suit the individual. 

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to be coached and here are just some examples that you may recognise.

“I get nervous holding a safety stop”

Buoyancy is a skill that, as divers we should never cease to work at to improve. If you need some guidance on how to master buoyancy control and fine-tune your buoyancy skills, we’d be delighted to help.

What is scuba coaching?

"I'm always the first one to call the dive"

There are many factors that contribute to high gas consumption. And with careful analysis we can spend time working on the particular area/areas that are effecting it.  


Gas Consumption

Coaching gives you the opportunity for bespoke training on a one-on-one basis. Tailored to what you want to work on, we offer individual coaching sessions on a full or half day basis. Your dives are filmed to use as a tool to assist in your development. This footage can be kept for future reference so you can continue to learn from what we go through.

Ready to get all those issues resolved and enjoy diving again? Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to improve your diving and your confidence in the water.

Train Often And Dive Better!

1 on 1 coaching is priced on a case-by-case basis determined by your specific goals. The usual price for a 4 hour session is $80 and $140 for a full day.

This includes your instructor’s time and expenses. You will need to pay for your own gas and rental equipment if you don’t have your own, which we can arrange for you.

Please call us in advance to discuss your specific requirements so the session can be built to suit your needs.